Motorcycle Motorhome

In contrast to the monster motorhome in the last post, I have come across this one at the other end of the scale.

Motorcycle RV

This 5 wheel motorcycle RV was originally featured on a family blog but the source is no longer available so there is very little information available. It is however featured on the following websites:

  • Motorcycle Motorhome – Well, that’s no longer a problem with this crazy motorcycle motorhome which has the front end of a chopper and the back end of an RV. Of course the RV part has flames on the side so you can maintain your street cred with the biker set. …
  • Motorcycle motorhome – Customized motorcycle motorhome. This customized 5-wheeler was posted on the “Johnson Family Blog.” No additional information was provided about the owner or who built this unique “fuel friendly” rig.

Motorhome Racing

Don’t try this at home!

[tag]Motorhome Racing[/tag] – New Sport.

Be warned, some motorhome owners may find this video disturbing.

Motorhome Racing

The rules are simple:

  • Drive to the event in your [tag]motorhome[/tag]
  • Preparations to the vehicle must be completed the night before the race
  • The driver must spent the night in the rig
  • After the race you should drive home in it

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