Some good RV resources

I recently discovered some great motorhome resources whilst surfing the net. Here are a few great sites that will help you when you come to choosing which motorhome to buy.

The first site is called RV Buying Tips and contains loads of down to earth advice about [tag]buying a motorhome[/tag]. It has a section with useful articles including “The Biggest buying mistakes” and the “To do before buying” list.

The second site is basically the [tag]beginners guide to RVing[/tag]. The site is and is full of great resources for the first timer. It contains articles angled at the inexperienced including driving tips, buying advice, help in choosing the best model for you etc. There is also an active user forum where many basic questions get asked and answered by other RVers.

Another great site you need to visit is´s Forum This is probably one of the most active [tag]RV forums[/tag] around. There are discussions on all aspects of RVing from choosing vehicles to tips and discussion for daily use. Some of the discussions include; Advice for Beginning RVers, [tag-ice]RV Lifestyle[/tag-ice], Boondocking, Frugal RVing, Full-Time RVing, RVing with Children, RVing with Pets, RV Safety, “on-the-road” RV recipes, Fuel Issues, Routes and Road Conditions, Campgrounds and [tag]RV Parks[/tag], Working on the Road and many many more.

And to end this post I would like to point you to a review of the RV Education 101 site where you can download videos and ebooks galore on all aspects of RVing. Check out the review here:

RV Education 101 Simplifies RV Ownership by Releasing RV DVD Value Packs

Look out for more resources that I will be posting here over the next few days.

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RV Rentals Try Before You Buy

renting a motorhomeBefore you commit to buying your RV especially if it will be your first you will benefit greatly if you can try it out first. In reality it is unlikely that you will be able to try out the actual vehicle you are considering but you can test out which class of RV really suits you by renting for a week or even a few days before you make your decision.

To spend a few days on the road will give you a very good idea as to how it will be.

  • Is the vehicle big enough?
  • Is it too big?
  • How is the gas consumption?
  • Do you have enough space for your belongings?
  • Is there somewhere to store your golf clubs/cycles/canoo or whatever it may be?
  • Are you comfortable driving it and parking it?
  • Can you get it in your drive or parking space?

…. the list goes on.

Taking a trip in a rented vehicle will present you with many teething problems that might have a solution but on the other hand the solution might be to consider a different class of vehicle beore it is too late.

There are many places to [tag]rent RV[/tag]s accross the US and in other contries too. Rental costs sem to vary between $100 and $300 a week and what ever the cost it will give you peace of mind in the long run.

Renting a Motorhome is also a great way to see a foreign country or a place too far away to drive to.

Check out this site about [tag]Alaska RV Rentals[/tag]:
Cut Travel Costs with an RV Vacation

And this one with information about [tag]Canadian RV Rentals[/tag]:
Renting an RV

Or this one about [tag]New Zealand Motorhome Rental[/tag]:
RV rental New Zealand

And for the UK [tag]Europe RV Rentals[/tag]
Motorhome Hire – Two Beginners’ Tales

And finally,
Finding the Best Place For RV Rental in California

If you are thinking of renting you should also consider joining the [tag]Good Sam RV club[/tag] – This is the major [tag-ice]RV club[/tag-ice] in the Us and you don’t have to be an RV owner to join. Some of the benefits you can enjoy as an RV Renter would be;

  • Camping Discounts (Save 10% on nightly rates at over 1700+ Good Sam Parks)
  • FREE Subscription to Highways magazine
  • Specialized RV Trip Routing
  • Tips & Guidance from Online Forums
  • Enjoy Club Activities
  • and much more

Use this link for a special discount coupon.

Join Good Sam Club Today and Get a FREE Night of Camping!

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RV Classes Explained

There are several different [tag]classes of motorhome[/tag] available to suit your needs, each has its own characteristics. Basically they can be split up and put into one of the following groups.

Class B Motorhome Class B Motorhomes:
The [tag]Class B Motorhome[/tag] or camper van is the most compact of the classes, it is little more than a converted van. Some can be quite luxurious and come fitted with bathroom, kitchen, TV and microwave but the norm is that they have just enough space to accommodate a sleeping area which doubles as a living space, a small cooking area and some storage space. These are great for short camping breaks, they are very easy to drive and maneuver with parking not presenting a problem. These vehicles can easily double as a second family vehicle when not being used for camping.

Class C Motorhome Class C Motorhomes:
[tag]Class C motorhomes[/tag] are the middle of the range class. They are coach built on top of a special chasis which is basically a truck chasis with the engine at the front. These can be quite a lot larger than the previous Class B motorhomes with lengths ranging from 20 to 40 feet. The more recent models all include slide outs that increase the living space and come with a bathroom, living area and bedroom, The driving area is connected to the living area is set lower down so passing from one to the other at times can be a little awkward. These vehicles are best suited to those who take frequent short breaks, Most have gas engines and are fairly economical to run. Parking is less of a problem than with the larger class A motorhomes.

Class A Motorhome Class A Motorhomes:
[tag]Class A Motorhomes[/tag] are the real luxury vehicles. They have the appearance of a bus with a flat front and large front windows, the coachwork is built onto a special bus chasis and they can have a rear deisel engine (pushers) or a front engine gas or diesel (pullers). They are fully self contained coming with a separate bedroom, living area, kitchen with refrigerator and stove and oven, a dining area with table and chairs, a complete bathroom with shower and a spacous living area with sofa and armchairs. The driving area is integral and when parked the driver and passengers seats can be rotated to face into the vehicle to form part of the living room. The later models come with up to 4 slide outs in the lounge and the bedroom which greatly increase the interior space. These vehicles are very large and cannot be parked anywhere. They can be tricky to manouvr if you are not used to them. A little training is advised if you have never driven one before. In some countries special driving permits are required as the sheer size makes drivng them comparable to driving a bus. They can be diesel powered or gas powered.

5th Wheel Trailer Fifth Wheel Trailers:
The [tag]5th wheel[/tag] trailor is just as luxurious inside as the typical Class A rig. They are self contained having a closed bedroom, bathroom with shower, kitchen and living room. They come in various sizes up to about 40 feet long. Most of them come with slide outs to increase living space. A Medium or heavy duty pickup truck is required to pull them which needs to have a special hitch fitted in the bed. The beauty of these is that once you are camped you can un-hitch the truck and use it independently without having to break camp. Ideal for those who want to camp in rural areas where the roads may not be very good and the 4 wheel drive of the truck can be engaged.

Standard Trailer Standard Travel Trailer:
These are the most poular type of [tag]RV[/tag] to be sold today. They come in various sized from 10 to 40 feet long and can be pulled by most medium to large vehicles. Some of the larger models have slide outs, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining and living rooms.

Toy Hauler Toy Haulers:
These are a fairly new invention and are a variation of the standard travel trailer. [tag]Toy haulers[/tag] have a room usually at the back which is used as a garage to store anything from motorbikes to ATVs or even small mini cars. Some have folding beds which can be opened once camped and the vehicles have been removed. The rest of the rig is just like any other with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room complete with slide outs.

3D Virtual Tour – This is in interesting 3d virtual tour of some of the different [tag-ice]classes of RV[/tag-ice] available.

Get To Know Your Way Around Researching Motorhomes Sales Online – Great general guide.

Al Qasr and Camel Safari – Includes a description of the 9 different types of RVs.

Tuscan Wine Tours In A Motorhome – an out of the ordinary vacation idea: renting a motorhome and touring Tuscan wineries

Take the kids on a motorhome holiday – NZ Motorhome rentals

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