Worlds Smallest Motorhome

So we brought you the world’s largest motorhome…  now to the other end of the scale we would like to show you the world’s smallest motorhome. Technically it’s not a motorhome as it has no motor to speak of, you could however call it an RV.

pedal powered motorhome

This pedal powered RV is rumoured to have travelled the length of North America and well into Mexico. It’s current location however remains a mystery.

Here are some more images.

The bedroom

The Bedroom

Smallest rv rear view Worlds smallest motorhome

Here are a few other sites that feature this The world’s smallest motorhome.

World’s Largest Motorhome

Here’s another monster motorhome for you to check out. This one is claimed to be the largest ones in the world and featured in the Guiness book of records in 1997.

Worlds bigest motohome

The vehicle has two decks with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, guest berth and bathroom all on the upper deck. The lower deck consists of the driver area, 8 passenger seats, conference area, reception, bar, vehicle garage and storage room.

Floorplan – Upper Deck

Floorplan upper deck

Floorplan – Lower Deck

Floorplan lower deck

You can check out all the details and many more images at this website

dining area

upper deck

Motorhome or Garbage Truck?

Authentic Off-road RV

Garbage truck motorhome

For the next the ‘‘Unusual Motorhomes‘ series we have this amazing Unicat vehicle. This is not really a garbage truck as it seems but actually a fantastic off-road motorhome designed and built by [tag]Unitcat[/tag].

This company specialise in off-road 4 wheel drive RVs. The owner started out converting a vehicle for his personal use travelling through Africa.

They now make a series of vehicles to choose from all with have individually designed interiors.

As you can see from these photos,  the workmanship in the vehicles is superior.

Motorhome lounge
The living area

Motorhoome Bedrom
The Lounge / Bedroom

Kitchen Storage Space
Great storage space for those bumpy off-road tracks.

There are a loads more pictures of this model and of several other interesting models too at the Unicat Website Gallery

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Nissan Micra Motorhome – The small familly RV

The last ‘[tag]Unusual Motorhome[/tag]’ featured here was the huge Mercedes carrying Folkner Mobil.

Now to the other end of the scale completely we have this [tag]Nissan Micra Motorhome[/tag].

Micra Motorhome

Note the electric ‘Hook Up’ at the front.

Micra Motorhome Kitchen

The Kitchen

Micra Motorhome Bedroom

The Bedroom

Micra Motorhome Lounge

The Dining Area

This is a wonderfully thought out and inventive one off vehicle – The small family RV. (i.e. family of one)

Thanks to My Local Motorhome Hire for putting me onto this.

The photographs are copyright James Harland.
There are a few more photos on James’ Flicker album:

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RV with built in Mercedes

Today I am going to take a break from the ‘Buying a Motorhome‘ series and in a light-hearted way will begin the new ‘[tag]Unusual Motorhomes[/tag]’ series.

Each post I will be featuring an ‘out of the ordinary’ RV.

To start off lets take a look at this brand new custom built [tag]Volkner Mobil[/tag] [tag]RV[/tag] and its accompanying Mercedes. For more images check out the Luxury Tunned Bus

Volkner Mobil + Merc

Volkner Mobil

Volkner Mobil - Inside

Also check out the following for more information on this model:

Volkner Mobile Unveils Luxurious Motorcoach With Built-In Garage

Volkner Mobil’s latest luxury RV with built-in garage

Volkner Mobile RV With Garage

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