Nissan Micra Motorhome – The small familly RV

The last ‘[tag]Unusual Motorhome[/tag]’ featured here was the huge Mercedes carrying Folkner Mobil.

Now to the other end of the scale completely we have this [tag]Nissan Micra Motorhome[/tag].

Micra Motorhome

Note the electric ‘Hook Up’ at the front.

Micra Motorhome Kitchen

The Kitchen

Micra Motorhome Bedroom

The Bedroom

Micra Motorhome Lounge

The Dining Area

This is a wonderfully thought out and inventive one off vehicle – The small family RV. (i.e. family of one)

Thanks to My Local Motorhome Hire for putting me onto this.

The photographs are copyright James Harland.
There are a few more photos on James’ Flicker album:

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  3. Very good post. Nissan Micra has got decent looks with neat finish and great pick up. Sharing my personal experience – Most of the time i find people giving a definite glare at my car.

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